Paid Iphone Apps You Can Download for Free This February

Most of the mobile applications come with hidden charges like that’s how they earn money. Seems legit only. If you are looking for some free iPhone apps this year, then brace yourself as I am going to discuss some of my personal favorites here.

The Paid iPhone Apps That You Can Get for Free This February!

Before we get started, the apps which we are going to list out are free only for a limited time period. The offers might have ended by the time you read the post.


Metadata means ‘additional data about a given data’. Coming to the Metadata application, this one’s an image metadata viewer. You can select an image from the gallery, and the Metadata app will list out image details like the size, DPI value, device information, image location, and even image measurements.

Sleep SoundsSleep Sounds

This is for those who want a sound, peaceful sleep at night. It offers many peaceful, natural sounds that have been recorded with high-quality stereo condensers and then uploaded for use. Along with the sounds, you also get an auto-off timer and a reliable alarm setting.

System Activity MonitorsSystem Activity Monitors

This app is used for monitoring iOS activities like memory usage, free space, battery life, and many more device information. Here the information is displayed in the form of the speedometer, with the LED indicators, battery charging animation, 3D-bar charts. Something that you may have never seen before!

CALC SwiftCALC Swift

You can replace all the complex math calculations and try them out on the CALC Swift. Get all the daily math done in your convenient way.

Alloy - launcher and automatorAlloy – Launcher & Automator

Are you tired of using multiple apps that do similar activities every day? Install the Alloy – Launcher using which you can automate many of the mobile functions. Apart from that, you can carry out almost all kinds of activity using this single application.

So, which one’s your favorite among them? Let us know in the comments below, and till then keep visiting!

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